About Gdynia

Welcome to the always smiling Gdynia! This city is young and full of character, which was given by its inhabitants coming from all sides of Poland.

Here, everyone is at home! We invite you to immerse in a modernist architecture city center , sunny beaches and boulevards pulsating with life. Gdynia is a city of music, film and theater, full of clubs, cafes and restaurants. But Gdynia is also a city of sport. Consistently we are realizing the dream of making our city a place where broadly defined activity operates in both the grand arenas, as well as in the urban space, right next to us. It works!
Modern sports facilities are the pride of Gdynia.  Like the teams that are using them every day. Sports Gdynia is thousands of active and smiling residents. Every year, they benefit from a wide range of projects, so that everyone - regardless of age or ability - can feel the joy of the sport.