24 May 2020



Michał Drelich on Gran Fondo Gdynia 2019

Michał Drelich, race director, answers a couple of questions on Gran Fondo Gdynia 2019.

In the recent days some previews of the second edition of Gran Fondo Gdynia have been published. What has happened with the GFNY logo?

Starting from 2019, Gran Fondo Gdynia will no longer be a part of the GFNY series. We had high hopes regarding this cooperation, unfortunately in the recent weeks some important business issues arose between us and the GFNY which eventually happened to be too difficult to solve in a way that would be acceptable for both sides. In this situation, we have mutually come to a conclusion that parting ways will be the best decision.

What does this mean to the riders? A new race formula? What can we expect of Gran Fondo Gdynia 2019?

The race formula will be nearly the same. We will still offer two distances: gran fondo and medio fondo. Similarly to the first edition, we will have fully closed-to-traffic courses leading through the picturesque Kashubia region. Also, the participant kit will include a high-quality race jersey - mandatory for riders during the race. Last but not least, youth races stay in the agenda as well.

How about changes?

Probably the biggest change will be the entry fees. I believe riders will appreciate the fact that we will start from 30 EUR, compared to 60 EUR last year. This price is valid until the end of October. Additionally, we are planning to have official results and prizes for age group riders on both distances, not only gran fondo as last time.

Some riders might be afraid that parting ways with GFNY will result in lower organizational quality. Are these fears justified?

No, certainly not. Of course, being part of GFNY allowed us to use their trademark and follow some guidelines. However, all the event operations have always been on our side, meaning Sport Evolution agency. It is Sport Evolution that guarantees the highest quality level. We stand behind such great events like Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia - a part of global IRONMAN 70.3 series - so I am comfortable to say that Gran Fondo Gdynia 2019 will be even better than what we did this year. We are going to reveal more plans for this event on October 11, during the official event presentation in Warsaw.

When does the registration start?

It starts Monday, October 15. This is going to be a race of sea and dreams. Stay tuned and come join us!

This is going to be a race of sea and dreams. Stay tuned and come join us!